2021 Pastors' Seminar

Mere Evangelism
Dr. Randy Newman and Pastor Dan Miller
September 21, 2021
Cost: $15
As a guy who is naturally bent to mind my own business, I lay no claim to evangelistic expertise. I do rejoice to think of the unbelievers the Lord has enabled me to point to him through the years. To see members of our church whom I was privileged to lead to Christ is an inexpressible joy. On occasion I’ve stumbled into some amazing opportunities to proclaim the gospel to strangers. But beyond the never ending feelings of evangelistic inadequacy, I still feel like a novice—okay, sometimes like a blundering idiot—when it comes to turning conversations with neighbors, acquaintances, and strangers into solid gospel proclamations. I need help. I need to grow. And I need to better equip our church to proclaim Christ crucified and risen with spiritual zeal and winsome skill in their everyday lives.
In the interest of such concerns, I warmly invite you to join us on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 for a seminar designed to equip pastors and church leaders to equip and mobilize our churches for evangelistic endeavor. We have invited as guest speaker Dr. Randy Newman who has invested much of his life in learning how to evangelize and equipping others to do so with skill.
Whenever I hear of an “expert evangelist,” I get nervous. Men of this sort are so consistently extroverted, bigger-then-life personalities who have charisma leaking out their ears, who fear utterly no one, and who care only to persuade the rest of us chumps to do evangelism precisely as they do it. My first conversation with Randy Newman put those fears to rest. I got the sense that he struggles with the same package of fears and weaknesses I do in his evangelistic endeavors. As our meeting ended, I was thirsty to learn more about how to proclaim Christ to the lost and convinced Randy would rightly challenge, instruct, and inspire us to do so.
We warmly welcome you to join us for these important lectures. Consider setting aside just one day of your life to focus attention on great commission enterprise. We are praying that the Lord of the harvest will use this gathering for the glory of his name and the advance of the gospel.

– Dan Miller

Seminar Schedule

  • 8:00– Registration and Coffee
  • 8:30 – Session 1: Mere Evangelism: Insights from C.S. Lewis on Evangelism (Newman via video)
  • 9:25 – Session 2: Evangelism for Non-Evangelists followed by live Q & A  (Newman via video)
  • 10:45 –Session 3: Gospel Zeal: Reflections on the Life and Ministry of Rev. William Knibb (1803-1845) (Dan Miller) 
  • 12:00 – Lunch

Speaker Bio

Dr. Randy Newman is the Senior Teaching Fellow for Apologetics and Evangelism at The C. S. Lewis Institute in the Washington, DC area. He has taught at several evangelical institutions including Reformed Theological Seminary, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and Patrick Henry College. After serving for over 30 years with Campus Crusade for Christ, he established Connection Points, a ministry to help Christians engage people’s hearts the way Jesus did.

He has written several books and numerous articles about evangelism and other ways our lives intertwine with God’s creation. Randy earned a bachelor’s degree in music education from Temple University and a M.Div. and PhD in Intercultural Studies from Trinity International University. He and his wife Pam live in Annandale, VA and have three grown sons, two delightful daughters-in-law, and two adorable granddaughters. Randy blogs occasionally at www.connectionpoints.us.