Bible Classes

General Information

Age-specific classes are held for children and youth ages 2.5 years through 12th grade.

Elective courses are offered each quarter for adults. We are currently in the 1st Quarter, spanning January 3 – March 28 .

To find help with room assignments, stop at the welcome station located in the lobby.

Nursery is provided.

Adult Classes

Destiny of the Unevangelized:

What the Bible Teaches Concerning Those Who Never Hear the Gospel and Why It Matters

Taught by Dan Miller  (Auditorium)

Course Description: This course surveys numerous biblical texts that shed light on the question: What happens to people who never hear the gospel? It also offers a comparative analysis of theological systems that present differing answers to this question. EBC’s vision of God, our grip on the gospel, and the future of our worldwide evangelistic enterprise, hinge on a biblical understanding of this important doctrine.

Old Testament Survey II 

Taught by Jeff Thomas (AP Room)

Course Description: Join us as we enter the world of Old Testament wisdom literature and the prophets. We will survey each biblical book, Job-Malachi, exploring the content, themes, and contribution of each writing.These books remind us that life in a sin-cursed world is a strange blend of joy and sorrow; triumph and trial; pleasure and suffering. Still, God is sovereign and good and he is wisely accomplishing his purposes.

God has told us how to live well and wisely in this world as his people. The prophet's declaration remains timely and true:

"If you do not stand firm in your faith, then you will not stand at all." (Isaiah 7:9).