The goal of our children’s ministry is to aid parents in training their children to magnify the splendor of God by joyfully fulfilling His will.


    • To learn to pray in public and private
    • To learn to sing and read quality Christian music
    • To learn foundational doctrines including: The Church, God the Father, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, The Scripture, Salvation
    • To memorize key verses and passages of God’s Word
    • To develop biblical literacy
    • To develop the ability to apply God’s Word to life to exemplify biblical virtues
    • To gain knowledge of our missionaries and an appreciation for home and foreign mission endeavors
    • To exercise and strengthen the physical body
    • To learn to share the gospel with unbelievers
    • To nurture conscious dependence on God’s means

Bible Classes

Ages: 2½ yr olds through 12th grade

Curriculum: Children Desiring God and Firm Foundations for 2½ yr olds through 6thgrade; FRBC (Faith Reformed Baptist Church of Media, PA) SS Curriculum Project for 7th-12th grade

Meets on Sunday morning at 9:15 a.m.

Children’s Church

Children’s Church is a 1½ hour session that takes place each Sunday morning during the regular worship hour for children 2½ years old to those who are currently completing kindergarten (or equivalent age). It is designed to aid parents in their responsibilities of preparing their child for group worship and teaching them the truths of God’s Word. This weekly session provides an age-appropriate environment in which children will:

  • Be introduced to the enjoyment and wonder of worshipping our great God
  • Learn the specifics of cooperation and obedience in a group setting
  • Learn the basic situations of group worship format: (e.g., singing, offering, listening to God’s Word, introduction to the meaning of baptism and              the Lord’s Supper, etc.)
  • Learn and practice appropriate worship service behavior, which prepares them to participate with parents in the regular church service
  • Practice the discipline of listening to and thinking with a group leader as he or she presents God’s truths
  • Learn the truths of God’s Word and begin to apply them to his/her individual life

Children’s Choir

Ages: 3 yr olds through 6th Grade

“First Row” Choir: 3 yr olds through Kindergarten

Children’s Choir: 1st–6th Grade

Meeting Time: Most Sundays during the evening service; September through May

Vacation Bible School

Ages: 3 yr olds through 6th Grade

Date: end of July

Kids Club

Ages: 3 yr olds through 3rd grade

Curriculum: Children Desiring God and Character Quality Instruction

Memory Verse Program: Fighter Verses from Desiring God Ministries

Meets in semesters on Wednesday evenings

YWAP (Youth With A Purpose)

Ages: 4th-6th Grade

Meets in semesters on Wednesday evenings