The women’s ministry of EBC seeks to exalt Jesus Christ and to enable growth in a woman’s relationship with Him. This distinct purpose steers all our programs. If our orientation were primarily social, participation in this group would hinge on self-interest. If our orientation were solely task-oriented, involvement could drift into a ‘doing is better’ direction. Instead, if our orientation hinges on our mutual love for Jesus, this transcendent relationship will bind us to one another in love and allow us as a group to edify the body of Christ in self-giving ways as well as reach out to a world desperately in need of a Savior.

What is the Mission of Women’s Ministry?

  • To inspire, encourage and facilitate women’s worship of Jesus Christ in the outworking of authentic, biblical femininity
  • To encourage and equip women to minister in a way that displays the glory of God’s creative design in the complementary manner by which He intends men and women to minister together as the family of God
  • To counteract culture’s attack on God’s design for women by purposefully providing biblical instruction on Christian womanhood, equipping women to confront culture instead of being conformed to or intimidated by it

What Objectives Do We Live Out to Accomplish This Mission?

To introduce every woman not only to the helper design, but to the Designer Himself for the purpose of loving Him with all her heart, soul, mind, and strength

  • To pursue, encourage, and nurture spiritual life in God’s household, emphasizing heart-level edification and a shepherding-oriented culture among women as well as the utilization of spiritual gifts for the benefit of the body of Christ
  • To protect and nurture physical life within God’s household by promoting God-ordained priority of husband and family responsibilities along with the compassionate care of all life within the family of God
  • To honor, support, and encourage the spiritual leadership and initiatory function Christ has called men to render within the family of God and to purposely instruct the next generation in these truths
  • To provide feminine perspective and skill in the outworking of the church’s mission, adding color, warmth, beauty, efficiency, and industry to the life/mission of the church
  • To minister compassion to the hurting, friendship to the isolated, support to the needy, protection to the vulnerable; and as His body, to extend Christ’s love to all people
  • To assist leadership with ongoing counseling and/or discipleship of women

What Means Do We Use in the Pursuit of This Mission?

  • Fellowship Meetings: We gather to provide a forum for women to partner together in addressing the practical outworking of the objectives stated above. Each meeting will vary but will generally emphasize:
    • Prayer, biblical instruction, group discussion, mutual edification, and accountability in the interest of clarifying and applying principles of authentic womanhood to the glory of God and advance of the gospel
    • Discussion of various ministries and practices with a view to generate ideas and pursue answers that will encourage the health and prosperity of the church
    • Initiating and fostering relationships to encourage each other in obedience and faithfulness to God-ordained roles, both in the church and home, as well as bringing the gospel to the unreached.


  • Bible Study: Our Ladies’ study is comprised of women of every age and season of life. Each session seeks to draw out biblical truth in a relaxed, discussion-oriented format with a single goal: to learn more that we might love God more; then to live that out in all of our life and calling. Accountability and prayer focus provide intimacy and support.


  • Woman2Woman (W2W): Based on Titus 2:3-5, W2W provides opportunity and encouragement to establish mentoring relationships to support and equip them to live out principles of godly womanhood. Through the contexts of both modeling and instruction as women are paired older with younger, this relationship encourages obedience to God and seeks to equip women with practical skills related to life season and responsibilities.


  • Church Activities: Along with our women-only meetings, it is vital for one’s spiritual health to participate in all-church activities. Weekly gatherings, prayer meetings, picnics, work days, ministry trips, etc., provide crucial opportunities to develop mutually edifying relationships with other church members.


Our women’s ministry seeks to blend with and to encourage the entire assembly. Each of us should seek to edify the children of the assembly. We should seek meaningful friendships with older folks. We should seek wisdom from those who are more mature in the faith than are we. We should work shoulder-to-shoulder with others. We must learn to value the vital opportunity we have to build others up in the faith and to benefit from spiritual accountability as we journey toward the future as a company of believers.

We try to remember that life as citizens of God’s kingdom is not all about us. Whatever we can do to keep our focus on Jesus and others will help us avoid the snare of self-orientation and disinterest in others which is so radically averse to the spirit and will of Jesus (Matt 22:34-40).