Our Purpose

In light of the instruction from God’s Word, it is not our ultimate purpose to succeed financially or grow numerically. It is not our purpose to merely entertain, create popular programs, or cater to cultural expectations of what a church should be and do.

The mission of EBC is to magnify God’s name, to build up Christ’s body and to find Christ’s sheep:

To Magnify His Name – We exist to display the transforming power of God’s saving grace in Jesus as we grow in our love for, and adoration of, the triune God. (Listen to sermon here).

To Build Up His Body – We exist to so love and serve one another as the followers of Christ that we actively contribute to the spiritual maturation of the church for which Jesus died. (Listen to sermon here).

To Find His Sheep – We exist to spread the glorious message of Jesus Christ crucified and risen as the only means of fellowship between sinners and God and as our only hope for eternal life. (Listen to sermon here).