Eden Baptist Church is not driven by a consumer orientation. Rather than calibrating our ministry to appeal to the felt needs and current tastes of the unchurched, our focus is to exalt the splendor of God by actively honoring His revealed will for the church. While we certainly fall short of this goal, it is our active purpose to submit to God’s definition of humanity’s deepest needs and to construct a ministry that meets those needs in a biblical manner.

The Bible reveals that humanity’s deepest need is God. Above all else, people need a dynamic, joyful life changing relationship with the Creator and sovereign Lord of the universe. Accordingly, it is our emphasis as a church to exalt and magnify the surpassing splendor of God and to systematically point people to that light by faithfully teaching His Word and by actively living the life to which He has called His people.

Therefore, the programs of the church are designed to aid people in their pursuit of God. Rather than initiating ministry, programs provide organizational structure to ministry initiatives that grow naturally out of our ongoing service to the Lord. Programs are not created as marketable products which workers are then recruited to carry forward at all cost. Programs are seen as tools to organize what God has already led us to do for His glory.

Each of our ministries operates under written guidelines that seek to steer that particular program to aid our pursuit of God and to encourage our obedience to His will.